Calioo is Hong Kong’s leading online marketplace that brings together the most unique handcrafted food from HK’s local small businesses and the community through a shared passion for food. We are committed to inspire and empower home grown chefs to share their culinary ideas and build it into businesses. At Calioo, everyday is a new journey where you will discover one of a kind food that will surprise your taste buds.

  • Online Marketplace

    Calioo offers a user-friendly order platform and a systematic calendar function for customers to pick a time and place for their orders.

  • Monthly Pop Up Events

    Events at Calioo are the best way for our merchants to gain exposure of their brand & for customers to mingle and meet their local food producers.

  • Community of Chefs

    Calioo is filled with talented home cooks whom can connect with one another and share their passion of food with customers.

The Status Quo

" Setting up a restaurant is a struggle  - from the high costs, stress of daily operations, growing the brand and customer base, to the inefficiencies of the ordering process. Calioo aims to ease these setbacks by allowing our merchants to focus on what they really love – the food, whilst we take care of the rest. "

  • Cakes

  • Cookies

  • Pastries & Bites

  • Savoury

  • Sauce & Condiment

  • Beverage & Refreshments