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👨🏻‍🍳 Chef Story:
In 2017 we embarked on a journey to revolutionize the Asian consumer health industry by making quality vitamin products accessible to millennials. Our first products, the Adults and Kids Multivitamin Gummies, took the market by storm and in line with a bigger paradigm shift in customer behavior, our positive, energetic brand shifts the concept of vitamins from a traditional medicinal supplement into a trendy lifestyle product. Our products are designed to support a healthy and active life, filled with happiness, celebration and togetherness with loved ones.


✨ Highlights:
One YOUVIT gummy meets the daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals!

1. We need vitamins EVERY DAY!

The body needs lots of vitamins to stay healthy, fit, and beautiful, but our daily diet isn’t sufficient. Many people take vitamins only when they are sick, even though the body needs vitamins every day! That’s why YOUVIT is made for daily consumption. #OneGummyEveryday!

2. It’s deliciously fruity!
Taste is everything! We’re always exploring delicious flavors so all YOUVIT products are always yummy!

3. Premium Quality
Every YOUVIT gummy contains the right dose of vitamins and minerals. We also conduct our quality control in labs in Singapore!

4. It’s Easy
Everything that’s simple is better. YOUVIT multivitamins are packaged in easy-to-carry pouches so you can take it everywhere on your day-to-day.


1. 我們每天都需要它!
身體需要大量的維他命才能保持健康、苗條和美麗,但我們的日常飲食不足。 即使人體每天需要維他命,許多人也只有在生病時才食用它! 這就是「優維力」專為日常食用而設計的原因。 每天一軟糖!

2. 它的果味十足!
味道就是一切! 我們一直在探索美味的味道,所以所有「優維力」的產品總是好吃的!

3. 優質

4. 這很簡單!

😋 Signature Dishes
Adults Multivitamin Gummies

Immunity, Vitality, and General Health
Meets the daily vitamin needs of adults
Practical and easy-to-carry packaging to carry around for your convenience
Fruity flavors such as strawberry, pineapple, and orange



Kids Multivitamin Gummy

Immunity, Vitality, & General Health
Meets the daily vitamin needs of children
Practical gummy and packaging to carry around for your convenience
Fruity flavors such as strawberry, pineapple, and orange
Helps improve overall brain performance
Helps the process of bone development and growth



📆 Lead Time
Pre-order shall be made 1 day in advance.