Collection: Veg Formula

👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
After a long period of testing and tasting, even the cost is more expensive. We strictly baked with organic vegan butter from the award-winning brand imported from the United States. Derived from carefully selected high-quality raw ingredients. These simple, good-for-you treats will seriously satisfy your sweet tooth when you're in need of a quick and satisfying dessert. Our dessert made of perfect Veg Formula~ It's not just a cookie. Behind the practice of sustainable care for the earth. Small bites make a big difference.

經長時間的試驗 成本再貴
純植物配方的輕療癒甜點 讓甜蜜幸福加乘
成為完美比例的Veg Formula~
奉上的 不只是一塊塊曲奇
小小口的美味 帶來大大不同

If you're looking for vegan cookie, look no further than our Indulge cookies. Each freshly baked cookie is loaded with high-quality and flavorful ingredients.

The most important things!!!...
🌿It's free from most allergens:
·Egg and Dairy
·Peanut and tree nuts
·Added flavour and preservative

😋Signature Dishes
Classic Sea Salt Cookies 酥粒沙沙海鹽曲奇
Fragrant Earl Grey Cookies 酥粒沙沙伯爵茶曲奇
Double Chocolate Chunks Cookies雙層可可岩石曲奇
Crispy Baked Sesame Pork Skinny thins 芝麻薄脆雞仔餅
Vegan Uji Matcha Red Bean Mooncake⁣ 純素宇治抹茶紅豆月餅⁣

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Pre-order shall be made 1 day in advance.