Collection: Stradf Mall 辰安優品

👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
With more than 30 Years of Travel experience, we bring top quality brands with history to let everyone in our place being able to know more good food with good price!
We aim to bring the green or hidden quality products into the market for everyone to enjoy and having the chance to taste these luxury food and ingredients. Thus, bringing them to consumers daily life in an affordable price.
Our present products are welcomed by Michelin starred chefs and luxury cafe around the world, which has used our products due to fact that our brands are backed with Great Taste Awards.

Stradf Mall specify in sourcing global quality products with affordable pricing, STRADF is always proud to serve high-end quality products. These high-end products are what our customers need for healthier and quality life.
Most of our high-end products have won the ""Great Taste Award"" , which is the world's largest and most trustable food and beverage award, composed of more than 400 international food experts. It is a guarantee that people who understand food and drinks can say that this is really good and you should buy it.

😋Signature Dishes
Cudie and Azada are two of our carefully selected key food brands to bring into our market. They are all backed with global awards and the pursuit of top unique quality

📆 Lead Time
Pre-order shall be made 2 day in advance.