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👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story
Silky Pastry Since2020
In recent years, Hong Kong people🇭🇰have gone through many difficulties. We hope that through our special desserts and cakes, we can bring happiness to Hong Kong people and accompany each different memory.

Silky Pastry從2020年1月1日開始

-We use edible Wafer Paper Flowers/Korean beanpaste or cream Flower for cake decoration.
-Insist on using good-quality ingredients for cakes.


😋Signature dishes
Wafer Paper Flower seasonal cream cake🥇
Sponge Cake:Matcha Flavour
Cream:Oreo Custard Cream
Seasonal Fruit:Strawberry🍓
Using Korean/Japan Strawberry

Mousse with Dry Preserved Flower🥈
Low-sugar Mousse
Dry Preserved Flowers have an unlimited life extension✨
No need to water 💦
Can maintain the same appearance for a long time

Cream Flower Cream Cake🥉
Earl Grey Chiffon Cake with Fresh Mango🥭

📆 Lead Time
Pre-order shall be made 3 days in advance.

**This merchant’s products are perishable**
**Please choose the delivery option for perishable products**
**Some of the products have minimum order quantity**