Collection: Sbakery by Mama Soo

👨‍🍳Chef Story:
Born in Singapore, raised in Hong Kong, I was immersed in a rich food culture where east meets west. My inspiration for starting S bakery by mama soo comes from my mom who discovered an amazing recipe for baked New York cheesecake. Friends, family and anyone who tried our cheesecake have always been telling us that we need to sell this, which only fueled my desire to share this with all of you. Fast forward to 2017, my partner and I have finally set up S bakery by mama soo to provide you with blissful, rich and decadent New York cheesecake in Hong Kong.

Classic, no-frills baked New York cheesecake nestled in an amazing crust that only leaves you wanting more.

🍽️Signature dish(es):
Baked New York cheesecake.

📆 Lead Time:
Pre-order shall be made 2 days in advance.