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👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
SANFLY - Hold Happiness in Your Hand
Sanfly is a rising alcoholic beverage manufacturer, wanting to push “home-tending”onto pop-culture, and make mixology accessible to everyone.
Launched in October 2020, we created the one-of-its-kind mixology kit bundles, allowing customer to experience the joy of mixology with friends.
We are aspired to bring happiness to customers, and deliver unique experiences to everyone.

Under the new normal, bars are not as accessible as before, we saw a need in alternatives to re-gain the social life that Hong Kong, the city who never sleeps, has longed.
Blended is not a new concept, but Sanfly did it the right way. The experience at bars is irreplaceable, we started from timeless classics that representing BAR the most.

😋Signature Dishes
BELOVED MEMORY 瑰麗回憶 | 18.3% Alc | 100 mL
產品簡介 Product Description:
Sweetness that melts your heart. Mild fragrance from jasmine with sweetness from lychee & roses, it tastes like those caramelized memories of love.
Beloved Memory由我們的調酒師自行研發,入口甜蜜,由淡淡茶香襯托出荔枝和玫瑰的甜味,像情侶回味愛與被愛的回憶時,心中所感受的甜蜜。

Alcohol content | 酒精濃度: 18.3%
Volume | 容量: 110 mL
Contains | 成分:
Award-winning Gin | 得獎氈酒
Jasmine Tea | 茉莉花茶
Lychee Liqueur | 荔枝利口酒
Rose Syrup | 玫瑰糖漿

**Minimum order for SANFLY: 4 bottles**