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Chef Story
Hi there! Thank you for stopping by and I really appreciate your click. “Raspbenilla” actually is the name of my graduation cake at Le Cordon Bleu NKUHT and I got Diplôme De Pâtisserie in 2018. Cooking, baking and sharing makes me happy and I love staying in the kitchen. I really hope my work could make you and your beloved happy just like me.


All Freshly Handmade
Only Use High Quality Ingredients - French Dairy Products, Japanese Eggs, Australian Organic Vanilla Products etc.
Less Sugar Added
Free of Added Preservatives and Artificial Coloring


Signature Dish
AMBER GOLD Vanilla & Rum Basque Semi-Burnt Cheesecake
I call it “Semi-Burnt” coz it does not have a famous black-through top, but the taste and texture will surprise your mouth and tongue. The gorgeously light, smooth and creamy inner core combines with rich rum flavor makes it less heavy for eating and will leave a pleasant aftertaste. Trust me, one piece is never enough!


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