Collection: Pun Mei Foods 拌味手工醬

👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story
Pun Mei Foods - offers delicious sauce at competitive prices
拌味手工醬 - 創出性價比極高的味道

There are over a hundred kinds of sauces in the Hong Kong market, because Cantonese people like to use different seasonings to prepare new dishes. We focus on the research and development of a sauce that can be used for multiple purposes, no matter it is cold or hot dishes, or for marination. The once-popular scallion noodles have brought the taste of Hong Kong people a shock. For the convenience of everyone, you can enjoy the authentic scallion flavor in the house. It can be used in multiple ways. It has two flavors, original and spicy, "Mixed Scallion Sauce" to stimulate your stomach with green onions!


😋Signature Dishes
拌味蔥油醬 Pun Mei Scallion Sauce
拌味香辣蔥油醬 Pun Mei Chilli Scallion Sauce

📆 Lead Time
Pre-order shall be made 2 days in advance.