Collection: Poucha 山茶寂

👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story
“Cha to-go in your pouch”
Take a sip of herbal tea to boost your positivity. We believe all of us deserve some time out. Please give yourself a tea break.

「山茶寂」靈感來自對侘寂的感悟,一山一水一茶人; “POUCHA”取自諧音「泡茶」,希望品牌能引起大家對泡茶喝茶的喜愛,讓茶融入日常生活,每杯茶都是一份回憶,都是生活的記錄。

Just try a cup of caffeine-free herbal tea when you are worried about having too much caffeine.

😋Signature Dishes
洛神花山楂茶|Roselle & Hawthorn
黑糖桂圓薑茶|Longan & Ginger w/ brown sugar
玫瑰山楂薏仁茶|Rose & Hawthorn
桂花胎菊雪梨茶|Osmanthus & Chrysanthemum
羅漢果玉竹茶|Monk Fruit & Chrysanthemum
金銀花百合茶|Honeysuckle & Lily Bulb
薰衣草洋甘菊茶|Lavender & Chamomile

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