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👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
NO UGLY is a wellness brand with a higher purpose (to wage a war on ugly), a spunky attitude and a clear functional benefit - to get you back to gorgeous when you need it.

No Ugly從挑選食材、研發產品及營商理念,都帶著推動全球健康運動的使命為目標。Jo及Aaron的團隊,要求產品不單只是美味,必須同時具備明顯功能,冀能從一個最潔淨、最天然及最綠化的國家開始,為全球帶來一個健康的生活態度,甚至幫助大家回復華麗健美、發光發亮。

Its scientifically formulated with no ugly ingredients, only good. Things like Enzogenol® extracted from Pinus Radiata bark, it’s nature’s most potent antioxidant, plus there’s a whole bunch of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in an isotonic formulation to help rid your body of ugly.

每款No Ugly健康有氣水都有不同的專屬功效,應付身體各種需要,猶如7款「鬼佬涼茶」般,而且隨時隨地打開雪櫃就能品嘗到美味解渴兼對身體有益的天然飲品,方便快捷,每日持續飲用更能達致最佳效果,全天侯「對症下藥」。

😋Signature Dishes
No Ugly Skin: New Zealand’s first drinkable collagen product. A 250ml bottle of No Ugly Skin is packed with 10,000mg of ethically sourced French marine collagen, the antioxidant Enzogenol, and 22.5mg of Vitamin C. These ingredients are combined to create a gorgeous pineapple flavoured drink. Studies indicate that consuming the collagen in this drink can significantly increase skin elasticity and firmness when consumed for at least four weeks.

No Ugly有氣水除低糖外,更不含、麩質及過敏原,但所含的膠原蛋白則非常豐富,以王牌產品No Ugly Skin為例,每支250毫升的No Ugly Skin,就含有10,000mg優質法國海魚膠原蛋白。

膠原蛋白是具有能減慢肌膚老化、骨質疏鬆、改善橘皮組織及骨關節炎等神奇功效。研究更顯示,持續飲用No Ugly Skin 四星期,當中的膠原蛋白能顯著提高皮膚的彈性及緊緻度,而且味美健康,是女士們護膚養顏的最佳選擇,由外至內散發天然美。

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