Collection: Malababy 醉愛麻辣

👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story
Joan is the founder of Malababy & Cupof.
Malababy & Cupof 之創辦人

A new form of food retail that treasures the moment of happiness.
新零售 新美食 歡樂時刻不變

Unique combination of Spicy & Drunken food in Hong Kong
醉酒+麻辣 全港首創

Enjoy tasty food at home with your beloved ones!

😋Signature dish
Drunken & Spicy Series 醉酒麻辣系列
Drunken & Medicinal Series 醉酒藥膳系列
Mala Spicy Series 麻辣撈起系列
Premium Seafood Series 至尊海鮮系列
Thai Sauces Series 泰式醬汁系列

📆 Lead Time
Pre-order shall be made 2 days in advance.