Collection: Mad Jelly

👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
As fellow city foodies and chilliholics, we, Mad Jelly, aspire to make your busy life easier without compromising the taste.
Our mission is to create a guilt-free chilli sauce that combines the beauty of traditional sauce making and modern wellness concept - let us take care of your body.
同是無辣不歡的美食達人,於忙碌的生活之中,Mad Jelly希望為你提供一個方便又好味的選擇,以傳統造醬工藝配合現代養生概念,我們打造出對身體有益的辣椒醬,食完無罪惡感,更照顧你和你的家人健康。

We studied the secrets between traditional recipes, ingredients and cooking methods, explored new potentials from international cuisine and non-stop experimentation to give you the ultimate bomb!

😋Signature Dishes
【Killer Berry🍒】Mild spicy, Aromatic & Sweet - perfect with Western cuisine & vegan
【Hot Dancing Shrimp🦐】Medium spicy ,Numbing & Shrimp Umami - great with Asian cuisine
【Spice-It-Up Furikake🔥】: A combination of specially selected chilli flakes, Japanese sakura shrimp, roasted sesame and seaweed, you can add it to rice or anything to give it an extra kick!⁠
【Warm-It-Up Goji Tea☀️】: We blend organic goji berries, calendula flowers, dried longan, chrysanthemum buds, etc. to nourish you after all the spicy food.⁠
【少女藏刀辣醬🍒】-「小辣 ‧ 香辣酸甜」最適合配搭西式菜餚&素食人士
【辣到生蝦咁跳醬🦐】-「中辣 ‧ 麻辣咸香」適合惹味亞洲菜式&重口味人士