Collection: Lee Bo Kee Lamma 南丫島李寶記

👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story
The owner of Lee Bo Kee has worked in fine dining and seafood restaurants for many years. In 1995, he began his research and development in sauce production on Lamma Island, and supplied the sauces to famous souvenir shops.

In 2010, Li Po Kee was established. Using his knowledge of ingredients and years of experience, he made the company’s best-selling products (the traditional shrimp paste and dried shrimp chili oil) in response to increasing demands on ready-to-eat products. And the best XO sauce, another best-selling product, reproduces the original taste of Hong Kong XO sauce! The rich flavor comes from high-quality ingredients, the savory flavor of scallop, shrimp and the salty aroma of Jinhua ham, coupled with his cooking skills, there's no need to add seasoning!

Lamma Island is one of the few traditional islands in Hong Kong that retain traditional fishing practice. The company's philosophy is to preserve traditional values ​​and insist on not adding any chemical ingredients, MSG and preservatives, so that everyone can enjoy the taste of the only remaining fishing village in Hong Kong!

主理人從事高級食肆及海鮮酒家大㕑多年。至1995年在南丫島從事醬料製作研發,並供應到著名手信店。直到2010成立南丫島李寶記。他利用對食材知識,和多年經驗,將傳統蝦膏,配合現代即食文化,製成公司熱賣產品 ( 招牌熟蝦膏和蝦米辣椒油)。而公司另一暢銷產品~極品XO醬,更將香港XO醬原始的味道重現!豐富的味道,源於優質食材,元貝蝦米的鮮味和金華火腿的鹹香,加上巧手的烹調技巧,根本不需添加任何調味!南丫島是香港現存少數保留漁民養魚捕魚的傳統島嶼,公司的理念是希望保留傳統價值,堅持不添加任何化學成份,味精及防腐劑,讓大家可以品嚐香港僅存漁村的味道!

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