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👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story
I have always loved painting since I was a child, and my paintings were once shown in German exhibitions. I am also a kindergarten teacher, so I know the popular characters that children like. At the beginning, I wanted to make delicious cookies from quality ingredients and to provide healthier food for my family. With multiple attempts, more and more people acknowledged my tailor-made cookies. I hope that people who buy my cookies can enjoy them happyily and healthily.

我從小就鍾意畫畫, 小學已經有畫去德國參展, 亦都做過幼稚園教師, 所以我好鍾意畫畫, 亦都知道小朋友鍾意啲乜嘢, 亦都好留意時下興啲乜嘢嘅公仔。
當初想做一啲好味嘅餅比屋企人食, 健康啲、用嘅料好啲, 而開始做我嘅曲奇。慢慢由好多次嘅失敗之後, 到大家認同, 再一個傳一個, 幫人做一啲tailor-made嘅餅
我希望人哋收到我嘅餅會好開心, 同埋食咗之後又安心又健康

😋Signature Dish
Homemade Cookies

*For cookies, orders shall be made at least 3 days in advance
*Other pre-orders shall be made a day in advance