Collection: Drink La

👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
""Drink La"" ( 飲啦 jam2 laa1 ), with a pronunciation similar to Yum Lah, is a Cantonese phrase meaning ""Drink it!"", or with an exclamation like ""Shut up, just drink!"".

Hong Kong locals like to share the urge of happiness and relaxed satisfactory together with a glass of goods.

So cheer up buddy! Join us for the perks of joy and ""Drink La""!

“飲啦”( 飲啦 jam2 laa1 ),發音類似於 Yum Lah 是粵語短語,意思 是“喝吧!” 。 或同時帶有“閉嘴,喝!”之類的感嘆詞。

香港人喜歡利用諺語或助語詞增加開心的氣氛,“飲啦”- 亦是其中 一種當中包含了鼓勵,開心而正面的意思。

所以~~~大家一起加油一起飲啦! 加入我們,享受歡樂和“Drink La” 的特權! 我們是一群熱衷於雞尾酒製作的香港調酒師及品牌設計師。

We are a group of Hong Kong young designers, brand professional with an
enthusiastic on cocktail production.

Since the bars were closed due to the coronavirus, we were inspired to share the positive cheers safely through ""Drink La"".

Our consultant, Alex, is a professional bartender with over 20 years of bar serving experience. Alex believes drinking is a way to encourage communication. In Drink La, he hopes to bring people back together in this tough times.


我們受到啟發是由於酒吧因新冠狀病毒而關閉,通過“飲啦” 分享如何在安 全及正確還境中在家與親朋好友享用瓶裝雞尾酒。

我們的顧問 Alex 是一位專業調酒師,擁有超過 20 年酒吧服務經驗。Alex認為 飲酒是一種鼓勵交流的方式,他希望 “飲啦” 能在這個艱難的時期讓人們重新 團結起來。

😋Signature Drinks
爆菊瓶裝雞尾酒 Seven Chrysanthemums Tea Bottled Cocktail
魔檸瓶裝雞尾酒 ""Morning"" Lemon Tea Bottled Cocktail
加柚瓶裝雞尾酒 Yuzu Grapefruit Bottled Cocktail

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Pre-order shall be made 3 days in advance.