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👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
CHA ADDICTS ONLY® works closely with a group of knowledgeable and experienced herbalists to create a series of unique and tasty herbal tea with INCREDIBLE AND NOTICEABLE health benefits. The CHA ADDICTS ONLY® exclusive herbal blend cannot be found anywhere else. 有無試過飲坊間所謂的養生茶,飲足成年都無感覺呢?我們試得多了!
近年愈來愈多人注重健康管理和養生之道,CHA ADDICTS ONLY®的創辦人一直深信只要把握時機,及早積極為身體打好健康基礎,才能防止疾病埋身。於是我們到處尋訪,終有機會與一群經驗豐富的中醫師合作,以功效及味道為大前提下,從世界各地搜羅最優質上乘的草本材料,製作出一系列的健康草本茶飲,更真正深層針對解決身體不同問題,口感味道獨特,適合不同體質和年齡的人每天飲用。堅持每天飲用,必定可感受到各種茶為身體帶來看得見的正面改變!

Herbs can be grown in many regions throughout the world. There are, however, specific origins that provide the ideal conditions to grow particular herbs and teas of the highest quality.
Here, unlike the herbal teas that you find in the market, we place great emphasis on the premium quality of our teas. We want to ensure we deliver freshness, tastiness, and of course, the most vital element of all - WELLNESS, to your every sip of our tea. We procure herbs and teas from worldwide to ensure they are of exceptional quality. Our herbalists hand-pick the ingredients needed in every tea bag, followed by grinding, roasting, and mixing of the herbs. Let us assure you there will never be chemical additives, but all-natural and safe ingredients, handmade with love in every tea bag.
Each of our teabag is designed for at least 1000ml-1500ml hot water (can be served cold after brewing). And yes, we do this in purpose so you can drink up throughout the day, not only to keep your metabolism revving up, but also to let our cha addicts to experience the full flavours and magical benefits of the herbs. Give us a try, we promise you that you will not be disappointed by the tastes and the benefits of our teas that do to your body and mind.
Stay healthy and be happy our dear cha addicts:)
一杯完美的草本茶,我們選擇從草本植物的最佳種植地開始;不同地方所種植的花草質素會受到當地的氣候、土壤、採摘時間等不同因素影響。而我們的材料均從它們的最佳種植地所出,以確保品牌採用高品質的草本植物造茶,並將新鮮、美味、及最重要的元素-健康,帶到您享用的每一口茶中。我們的每一個茶包從選材、打磨、烘烤、材料混合至入茶袋,均由醫師親自手製,過程絕不馬虎。我們答應您,茶包只有天然的草本植物和CHA ADDICTS ONLY®的心意在內,所用材料均經過安全檢測,絕無任何防腐劑和添加劑,無論大人、小朋友和長者都可喝得安心、健康。
即管試一試我們的健康茶啦!我們相信你一定可以感受到Cha Addicts Only的茶對你身心帶來的快速改變。

😋Signature Dishes
Pretty Skin Detox-7/14/30 Days 排毒美肌茶7/14/30天

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