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Waste is not waste until you waste it - Breer is a food upcycling startup that reduces bread waste and utilizes it in the brewing of beer. We introduce a novel taste of beer into the Asian market, while remonetizing otherwise wasted resources. Beer is brewed with 3 main ingredients: 78% barley, 13% hops and 9% yeast. Through supporting the local brewing businesses, we replace the 78% of barley needed for beer, with bread. Enjoy Hong Kong's first Bread Beer!
廢物是可以重用的 – Breer 是一家香港的初創公司,專門收集並回收未售出和未食用過的麵包,並用其來釀造手工啤酒。我們將新口味的啤酒引入亞洲市場,同時重用其被浪費的資源。 啤酒是由 3 種主要成分釀造而成,包括78% 的大麥、13% 的啤酒花和 9% 的酵母。 通過支持及與本地的釀酒公司合作,我們用麵包代替了啤酒所需的 78% 的大麥。為此改變我哋引以為傲!

Breer is Hong Kong's first ever sustainable beer, and Hong Kong's first bread beer! Try our delicious Pale Ale made with white bread. Cheers!

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Breer Pale Ale is the perfect pick me up you were always looking for.