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👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
Boppee is an online health store based in Hong Kong, was founded by former Miss Hong Kong Boanne Cheung in 2020. We promote the new era of healthy living with carefully selected high-quality healthcare supplements and skincare products from all around the world.
Boppee 是一個健康網絡平台,匯集來自世界各地的高質量保健產品和護膚產品,推嵩新一代健康生活,並由前香港小姐張寶欣於2020年創辦。

Boppee gathers newly developed health products and skincare products from all over the world. We have enjoyed sharing all the fantastic beauty tips that work with the people around us. We aim to gather high-quality healthcare supplements and skincare products, and bring happiness and love to people we cared for.

😋Signature Dishes
Body Cleanse Complex Yogurt Flavor Drink Powder
Body Cleanse Complex, a newly developed health product, contains probiotics and extraordinary enzyme food for revolutionary and rejuvenating changes in your body. Clean out the intestines (Stool) + detoxification will bring back your healthy life. Preventing constipation, cleansing the body, removing the body toxins and wastes, bring back a slender body.
酵多多 纖酵速

📆 Lead Time
Pre-order shall be made 3 day in advance.