👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
Bakeology by A is developed by a bake lover. Me and my little daughter are doing baking for few years and WE LOVE BAKING!!!

Me and my little daughter would like to share with you our freshly baked cookies with various kinds of favors. We already put our cookies on FB and IG and successfully earned quite a number of positive feedback and now it is time to put them on Calioo.

😋Signature Dishes
Coffee Butter Cookies – Perfect choice for all coffee lovers!
Orange Peel Butter Cookies – With chewy orange peel filling, matched 100% with our rich chocolate. Adults and kids all-time favorite.
Pistachio Butter Cookies – Filled with numbers of pistachio nuts, always surprised pistachio lovers.
Strawberry Butter Cookies – Using strawberry jam filling to create an unique chewy taste of cookies, kids most loved.

📆 Lead Time
Pre-order shall be made 6 days in advance.