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📆 Lead Time
Pre-order shall be made 3 hours in advance.

👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
The idea of .3coffee hit me when I was a junior and THE coffee gal in the office. While I was downing my coffee day in day out, my colleagues always said 'So sleepy but I can only take 1 sip in the afternoon!' After some research, I found out caffeine takes 20 hours to completely leave your body, so a coffee at 12pm, still affects your brain while you sleep! It harms our productivity and lower our long-term energy because we can't rest properly. So, I decided to make the ONLY afternoon coffee that switches the way we all drink coffee in the afternoon! My background is in sustainability, agriculture and tech so .3coffee has to be sustainable for our health and planet.


All our coffee has only 30% caffeine of an espresso. Drunk in the afternoon by 20+ caffeine-sensitive customers, all of them felt a good boost and had no problem falling sleep. This is the solution to the safest boost for afternoon productivity. No sleep compromise, no taste compromise. We are the cider in coffee world and your best buddies at work and weekends! Sourced from farms, roasted locally, sustainable packaging.

😋Signature Dishes
Our nutty brazil has tasting notes of roasted almonds and yellow fruits, a balanced profile between citrus and nuts. Our signature osmanthus coffee is unbelievably fragrant, a combination of oriental and coffee flavours. Osmanthus is good for detoxification, lung health and skin brightening, perfect for anyone working in an indoor office environment.