Collection: 2Bites 倆口•子

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Pre-order shall be made 2 days in advance.

👨🏻‍🍳Chef Story:
2Bites (倆口•子) is a bakery formed by two girls (Coco and Zero) who’s been partners in a sport (crossfit). Both of us enjoy eating while caring about every bite of food. We try our best to adjust the recipes just to create baking goods with less sugar, less salt, no additives and all homemade with love. 2Bites focus on cinnamon rolls with different flavours as well as bagels. We set up “2Bites” because we hope people want to(2) bite when they see our products. Meanwhile, it refers to one bite is cinnamon roll and another bite is bagel; it can also mean sharing another bite with friends and family.

Every roll and bagel is freshly made by Coco everyday with all the natural ingredients. Even the jam is made with fresh fruits with no added sugar. There are also monthly or seasonal special flavours of the rolls. We want to share the happiness and satisfaction with people by cinnamon this comforting spice.

😋Signature Dishes
Plain Bagel
Talking about bagel, plain bagel is the best!! Our bagels go through a low temperature fermentation which make the dough well fermented and having a crispy outside while inside is soft like pillow

Protein Bagel
Since bagel is always perfect carbs for gym rats and sports people, what if its protein amount reach 20g per one?! Here you go.. our protein bagels got 20g protein inside and the texture is similar as muffin. Eating it with spread or jam after training is gonna be the best thing ever after.

Signature Dish 3 - Healthy preservation 1-bite crisp box set

Red & black date brown sugar one bite crisp:
Dates are always good for health but it’s just too boring to eat it raw. However, game change when we add it into our 1-bite crisps! You will just eat one after one and one more until all are finished. The crisps are also made with low sugar and oil, so you won’t feel guilty while enjoying it!

Walnut brown sugar 1bite crisp:
Working under pandemic must be tough for everyone and brain burning out when there’re too much online meetings or facing computer all day long. Since Walnut is beneficial for your brain from Chinese perspective, we add it into our crisps as well to make you easier to recharge your brain while working!